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Having a good set or two of workout clothes is about more than just wanting to look good at the gym—not that there’s anything wrong with that! Nice gym gear can also motivate you to get to the gym more often and maybe work a little harder while you’re there. It’s good for your confidence—and for your motivation.

Of course, we’ve also been working hard at to continue making shirts, shorts, and hoodies so cool and comfortable, you’ll make space for them in your non-gym clothing lineup as well.

Here’s what you chose as the “Clothing of the Year” on!

Winner: ‘Merican Muscle Tee

What makes one tee better than another? For most people, it’s how it wears over time. Some shirts get baggy, lose their shape, and start coming apart at the seams way too soon. The ‘Merican Muscle Tee just gets better and better with time and age, kinda like Old Glory.

One of our customers, letner1000, hit exactly what we’re going for when he wrote that this is a “great t shirt. I find that most of the shirts I buy here quickly turn into my new favorite shirts!”

Made of 100 percent cotton and weighing in at a scant 4.3 ounces, the ‘Merican Muscle Tee might be just the right thing for you, or someone you know. And yes, flexing while saluting the flag is allowed.


Better Bodies Women’s Fitness Hot Pants

Come on now! You’ve worked your butt off, so why not show it off a little, too? Better Bodies Hot Pants are a great way to rock through those lower-body workouts day after day, month after month. These shorts are thin—but sturdy. They hide panty lines, but breathe well and don’t get sweaty. And, hey, if you didn’t make it to the gym today, go ahead and wear them to the grocery store. Heads will turn!

JYM Supplement Science Long-Sleeved Hoodie

Made with 50 percent polyester, 25 percent cotton, and 25 percent rayon, JYM’s Long-Sleeved Hoodie is designed to last long and fit muscular bodies just right. Soft and comfortable, the hoodie goes wide to show off those boulder shoulders, then pulls in around your nice, trim waist (or your trim waist to come!). With a JYM logo stretched across your chest, you can walk into the gym feeling like a pro, then hit the weights hard!

GASP #1 Mesh Shorts

It’s the little things that make a good pair of shorts. These shorts are made from GASP’s thick, high-quality flexible mesh. The pockets (two in front) are deep enough to store keys and a wallet, but not so deep that your phone bounces around when you do cardio. Like Craig Capurso says in a short and effective review, these shorts are a “durable product made to be beaten up in the gym,” but rock it on the street, too.

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