Men may consume much more protein per day than women, but this is generally due to the fact that men tend to weigh more and have more fat-free mass than women. A 150-pound woman would need to consume the same amount of protein as a 150-pound man, assuming they both had the same physical goals in mind.

Women and men are far more similar than they are different, both genetically and in terms of their nutritional needs. This applies not only to protein, but to all other nutrients as well.

Bill Campbell, Ph.D., the director of the Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory at the University of South Florida, has studied how varying amounts of protein in the diet influence body composition in resistance-trained women.[4] In the article “How Much Protein do Women Really Need?” he explained that adding an additional 400 or more calories of protein—in other words, 100 grams of pure protein—to the diets of women who were strength training several times a week had a surprising effect.

Not only did the women gain muscle, but as Campbell writes, “The women on the higher-protein diet actually lost more body fat than women on the lower-protein diet, even though they consumed more calories!”

That said, women may have different goals and want different things from their protein powder, like lower carbs, extra collagen, and so on. The best protein powders for women will address not just protein needs but other nutritional considerations.

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