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The front double biceps, front lat spread, and hands over head abdominals with leg extended are part of what’s called the compulsory (or muscularity) round, in which there are seven poses in all.

Front Double Biceps

Stand with your heels about 4-6 inches apart, your left foot straight forward (12 o’clock position) and the right foot at 2. Maintain a very slight bend in your knees, and tense your legs. Suck your stomach in and elevate your ribcage.

Next, raise your arms so that your elbows are parallel or slightly above your shoulders. Ball your fists and flex your biceps. Then bring your elbows forward a bit to tense your lats and help them flare out.

Front Lat Spread

Starting from the ground up, properly place your feet a few inches apart. With a alight bend in your knees, tense your thighs. Place your thumbs on your hip bones behind your obliques, then close the rest of your fingers into fists and bring your elbows forward to flare your lats. Don’t shrug your shoulders; this can reduce shoulder width.

Hands Over Head Abdominals With Leg Extended

Starting from the ground up, extend your best thigh forward about 6-10 inches in front of the other. Your back leg should support most of your weight. Place the ball of your forward foot securely in front of you, and push firmly into the ground to bring out the muscularity. Place your hands behind your head, and flex your arms. Exhale while crunching down hard on your abs.

Be sure to practice executing and holding this pose; it’s harder than it looks!

Posing Like A Pro – Lee Labrada
Watch the video – 6:49

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