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In his last video of Posing Like a Pro, Lee Labrada recaps the process of creating your routine with music. You’ll want to extensively practice your routine and videotape it for visual feedback. Bodybuilder Ryan Workman provides a finished example of how it should look when completed.

Labrada starts by outlining the step-by-step instructions from the previous lesson, so you can create your personalized freestyle posing routine to music.

Select your best poses for the front, left and right sides, and back. Assemble a routine largely through trial and error, showing off your physique from your best angles, and assigning impact poses to dramatic high points in the music.

Using himself in a sample posing routine, Labrada starts by facing the audience to engage them, doing several poses from the front before turning in a counter-clockwise circle, holding poses for at least three seconds, plus the three-second transition.

He suggests learning and practicing this posing routine to help you get the fundamentals, which you can use to developing your own routine. Practice it over and over again, and fine tune it by trying out different transitions.

Record yourself and play it back, watching both the poses and transitions. Visual feedback is necessary to assess your routine.

Finally, Labrada suggests watching the entire Posing Like A Pro video series again, so you don’t miss any of the important points!

Posing Like a Pro – With Lee Labrada
Watch the video – 8:52

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